Brazos Valley Flight Services (BVFS) of College Station Texas is proud to announce

the availability of charter flights from Easterwood Field, College Station.  A charter

flight gives the passengers the flexibility to go where and when they want.  Other

benefits are no loss baggage, no long security lines, and no connecting flights.  And

that 2 day business trip to Midland is now a one day trip.

BVFS primarily serves both major and small local airports in a 500 mile radius of

College Station.  However, BVFS can fly you anywhere in the continental US.  BVFS

can also hot shot freight and packages.  Call today to book that next business trip to

Corpus Christi or simply a day of fun at the casinos in Louisiana.


REQUEST A QUOTE    Be sure to include the date of your charter request, from where to where, departure and return times, number of passengers, and a contact name and phone number.  We will get back with you as soon as possible.